Frank Kern Core Influence – He’s Giving It Away?…

By Calvin Mah

Frank Kern Core Influence

Frank Kern Core Influence

If you have been studying internet marketing for a while, you have probably come across the name Frank Kern.   In my opinion he is a certified internet marketing genius (and if you know him, he is also certifiably crazy!).  He is responsible for some of the biggest selling online product launches in history, generating $20 million plus in a matter of days.

The reason why this is important to you is Frank is offering his Core Influence course at no charge.  Core Influence may be Frank’s most influential (no pun intended) marketing training that he has ever offered.

I have gone through the course (mind you I paid $2,000 for the privilege) and he attacks buyer mentality in a way that no other marketer has. This is pretty cool stuff.  And he is always fun to listen to/watch.  He is a hoot!

If you are new to internet marketing some of this will be over your head.  That’s OK.  Get it now, watch it, let it sink in and then come back to it later on and then you’ll really get a lot out of it.  Grab it now while it is available.

So go to this link and you can get Core Influence at absolutely no charge.

You will also get a chance to get Core Influence 2 which hasn’t even been released.  (Also no charge!)

Now go get it!  Let me know what you think about the course by commenting.

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